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Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor

Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor

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Join the next level of the 3D Among Us game - Super Sus: Who is the Impostor! The addictive free mobile game to socialize with local friends and those from worldwide offers you the unique experience of being Spacecrews, who struggle to prevent the spaceship from crashing while for impostors, killing crew mates is all they want.

Super Sus is originally designed to be the popular online multiplayer role-based game that integrates Among Us, Werewolf, and Squid Game. While playing, crew mates not only need to beware of impostors but also neutrals.

Super Sus update notice: The Whitejack is coming! Dear Spacecrews, we have updated the new version, come and check what's new here:

1. New Spacecrew Role: Whitejack - Whitejack can guess anyone's role during meeting. - Eliminate the target if guessed correctly, otherwise you will be eliminated. 2. Role Adjustments: Janitor, Plumber 3. Clash of Captains Balance Adjustments 4. Main Menu UI Optimized 5. Game Experience Optimizations: Added color card to meeting panel, Voice comm adjustment, Spectate mode 6. System Optimizations: Custom room, Role cards.

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user-rating:4.2 ( 102011 reviews )
publisher:Super sus


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  • 4/25/2022
    by Usuario


  • 10/8/2022
    by voth


  • 6/22/2022
    by Big Dog

    Fun to play

  • 5/10/2022
    by Annie

    Fun Game

  • 2023-04-07
    by Mok Jac

    I used to like this game but with the recent updates this game became nonsense. In every game, the spacecrews have so much enemy, gluttony, hypnotist, imposter & spy and all of these have the ability to kill like wth? I wish that detective & security can also kill. Plus there's always a network failure that will forced me to leave the game and will result to penalty notice even my connection is good. It's so so frustrating to the point that it's started getting boring so I stopped playing this.