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Mafia City

Mafia City

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Protect your territory, rule the entire city and become an authentic Padrino in the strategy game Mafia City. Construct and improve all kinds of buildings and develop important skills to become the biggest mafia boss around. But this strategy game isn't just about constructing and managing buildings to earn resources, it's main attraction is really the battles. Face your enemies with loads of different fighters: bikers, gunmen, and even armored vehicles will all be part of your particular mafia militia. You can even recruit special forces -if you can get enough resources, that is. Mafia City's action takes place on a single, global server, so joining a clan is vital to surviving long enough to become powerful. Rival mafia bosses will come for you from the moment you complete the the tutorial, so having some allies is crucial. Mafia City is an interesting game of strategy and strategy and management, with a very unique theme for the genre. On top of that, this great title is perfectly designed for touchscreen devices.

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user-rating:4.9 ( 7 reviews )


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  • 6/19/2022
    by Frank

    As with DailyPic, I really like this app. Is there any way to add support for multiple displays? It would be nice to be able to use different images on different monitors.

  • 3/5/2022
    by Hayk

    After changing wallpaper icons are not transperent anymore. Please fix it.

  • 7/1/2022
    by Tanvir

    Thanks to the dev for this awesome app.. but some pictures are not quite HD otherwise it's a pretty awesome app

  • 7/1/2022
    by Gavin

    Great app, just wish there wasn't a paid version of it. But it is a necessary thing to have I guess. Keep up the good developing

  • 5/8/2022
    by Javad

    this app is one of the bests