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Chatous is an app to contact other users from all around the world anonymously, so you can chat about things you have in common ... or just spend some time talking with a complete stranger. When making a profile, Chatous users have to add a series of hashtags with their interests, such that when other users start their search, the app will prioritize users with common interests. Of course, if there aren't any, you can start a random conversation with any other user who's signed on at the same time. In Chatous conversations, you can talk casually with the person on the other side of the screen. It's important to keep in mind that you can stop the conversation at any time – if a user is disrespectful, you can just block them. During the conversation you can't send pictures but you can send emojis. Chatous is a very fun instant messaging application that lets you meet people from around the globe. With no strings attached, you can meet people just to have nice and entertaining conversations.

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  • 9/29/2022
    by Austin

    It's one of my favorite apps. I also love that universal. Its so useful for those stressful mornings when your boarding the plane. if you pin your flight to start, it will give you a great live tile and unlike other apps that I've used this is a very practical live tile. the only flies that it's in military time and when tracking a flight I would prefer 12 hour time the but overall its a good app

  • 7/4/2022
    by thong

    Love it like the radar in iPhone

  • 6/16/2022
    by Wei

    This apps positions itself as a track flights status apps. To me, the apps is very useful ! It allow me to tracked the arrival and departure time in my nearby airport. The apps also combine the very best feature from one of the top flight tracking apps in the world, which is allow the user to view the current location of the flight and let us know the flight time. Value added ! This apps deliver as promise, so Spot ON ! However, I hope developers could do some improvement of the apps, mainly on the cosmetic side of it. It would be better this apps could offered a dark theme option and at the same time it would be better to have a cover photos on the arrival and departure page, it can help to improve the experience of it. At last, I thinks this apps is useful, I love it. It did the jobs as promise, I would definitely recommend this apps to windows 10 user. Thank you Developers !

  • 7/24/2022
    by Brian

    The app does a great job with providing a simple interface that provides a powerful experience with flight tracking. You can set a favorite airport and a home airport. It would be nice if you could have several favorite airports but that is not why I rated it 4/5. I gave it 4 stars due to not having notifications on when pinned flights either land or take off - something that I would love to see and find very useful. Other than that - great app!

  • 10/22/2022
    by d

    Shows flights. If you click flights it exits.

  • 9/29/2022
    by Aiden

    Late Sept. 2017 update: Stopped working again. Mid August 2017 update: The app stopped working a few months ago - couldn't find flights, and flights saved in Search History couldn't be refreshed. Seemed like a server problem. Gave it another go and it seems it's been fixed. Changing back to 5 stars!

  • 8/22/2022
    by David

    The concept is great, but needs some "polish". For very busy airports, it's important to have one-click sorting of arrivals and departures by airline, destination/departure airport, as well as time. (See Android's FlightBoard App) I'm looking forward to improvements. Thanks!

  • 8/19/2022
    by Olivér

    For dev: Can you do something like FlightRadar24? Map with all the planes...