Google Play is giving out its annual awards for the best games on the Play Store.

Honkai: Star Rail, a sci-fi space fantasy RPG, grabs the Best Game award.

The Best Game of 2023,
Best Story: Honkai: Star Rail
Users’ Choice winner,
Best Pick Up & Play: MONOPOLY GO!
Best Multiplayer: Farlight 84
Best Indie: Vampire Survivors
Best Game for Good: Pokémon Sleep
Best Ongoing: Stumble Guys

  • The art is beautiful and the turn based system is more fun than I expected. The story is fun and I love the little easter eggs. Such as the trash can icon. I love collecting characters ...

    Honkai: Star Rail
  • A very similar play style to Board Game Kings, this is a dice clicker game. Through thoughtful use of your dice.

  • Better than I thought tbh. I was just going through the app store for a game to download and I came across Farlight 84 and I was not disappointed.

    Farlight 84
  • Great game. However, i do believe i have two very important things to mention that would improve the game.

    Pokémon Sleep
  • It's astonishing that this is the full game effectively for free. There are ads for boost but they are a minor addition and not a replacement.

    Vampire Survivors
  • I really hope this review reaches someone who can bring it up!! Amazing game!!!

    Stumble Guys